Survey Results by Participant?


Hello! Is there an option to run a survey report that shows who completed a survey and who has not? We want to be able to follow up with participants who have not completed our course surveys and we are looking for a report we can eaily run to show us this information. I know we can go into Class Progress or Class List, going into each participant's information, but that is very time consuming. Is there a better way to get this information?


  • Susan.W.104
    Susan.W.104 Posts: 15

    HI @Megaen.Koscinski5168 If you do an intelligent agent and then select the release condition for “no completed survey attempt” that should work for you.

    While this is not a report, this if you create it will allow you to send the “premade” emails to the people that you want to follow up with.

  • Megaen.Koscinski5168

    Thank you! If I set this condition, how can I run a report to see who did not submit a survey response?

  • Jennifer.W.973
    Jennifer.W.973 Posts: 242 🌟

    @Megaen.Koscinski5168 You can just select Export History of the intelligent agent once it's run to get a spreadsheet of the users it has identified.

  • Bee.G.203

    Hi Megaen, (@Megaen.Koscinski5168)

    In order to find out who completed a survey and who has not, you can also try viewing the statistics and look specifically at the results by user:

    1. On the navbar, click Surveys.
    2. On the Manage Surveys page, from the survey's context menu, click Statistics.
    3. In the Users tab, search for users and their listed attempt types. You can restrict your search of survey results by attempt in the Attempts tab.
    4. To view a specific user's results, click on an individual attempt. To view the number of attempts per question within a survey, click View Overall Results at the bottom of the page.

    Hope this is helpful as well.