machine readable API documentation?

Arnold.Knott1579 Posts: 5 🌱
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Is there a full machine readable API documentation available?

I realize there are blocks of JSON-like descritiption in the human readable reference, and they are described here:

But are all of those JSON-like segments gathered somewhere (for each API-version)? Potential formats (but I'm not limited to those): JSON, YAML, Swagger Specification, OpenAPI Specification (OAAS) ,…


  • Viktor.H.147

    We do not provide an OpenAPI definition of our developer platform API, or other machine-readable specifications of it. We have no plans to do so at this time.

  • Ulf.M.583
    Ulf.M.583 Posts: 11 🌱

    Many Brightspace administrators around the globe are perhaps not-so-tech-savy, and until Microsoft get a connector defined for their Power-environment, it would be very helpful for defining your own custom connector to have the API-documentation available in OpenAPI-format.