How can admins earn awards?

Maureen.B.923 Posts: 109 🧭

Our Instructional Design department has an intiative to take each others' courses and get the associated certification badges. For the Instructional Designers, I've flipped them into a Participant role so they can go through the exam, pass, etc.

But for those of us with admin access, is there a way to trigger the badge? For the Admin roles, I turned on the “Earn Badges” permissions for all levels of the course, but the badges aren't releasing and we aren't appearing in reports.

Is it maybe because we are enrolled in the course in a cascading role?

My only other guess at this time is if I make the admin role appear in Class lists, so that I can manually issue the badge to the users.


  • Olly.F.893

    I would imagine that because you have admin roles, you can't therefore meet the release conditions for the award. Presumably, you have access to edit the content and quizzes, etc, which means it won't be tracking whether those admin users have completed them.

    I doubt you'd want the admin role to appear in the Classlist, as this would then happen in every course offering. I'd consider either giving people with admin roles a secondary account that they can use as a learner, or making a copy of these courses and changing the admins' roles on them so that they can earn them in that course offering.