How do I link to a document to make this accessible across the org/faculty?


I have a privacy policy that I want to make available across the org via a link in every module. What's the best way to do this? I've added the doc to the org level but this is not accessible from the modules. Should I link the policy via the faculty Manage Files instead?


  • Olly.F.893

    If the document needs to be hosted in Brightspace, you could put it in the Public Files area. Bear in mind that anyone with the url could technically access it, whether or not they have a Brightspace account at your institution. You can then right click the uploaded file to get the url, and add it as a navbar link, or a link in a widget, for example. When I did this, it always opened a download dialog so that the user would have to download and then open the file, which might not be ideal.

    If you want it to display as another tab in the browser when a user clicks it, it might be better hosting the page in HTML format on a website that you have control of (i.e. your institution's main website. To make it available in every course offering, a navbar link or a widget that appears on the course offering homepage would work.

    I suspect there might be other / better answers to this, so hopefully some other folk will chime in with ideas!

  • Mary.C.485
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    Thanks Olly! 😄