Unenrolling a Student While Saving Their Work


I've read on the discussions page of D2L that if a user is accidentally unenrolled, their data such as statistics and submissions are automatically restored when they are re-enrolled in the Org Unit.

Am I correct in assuming this means that any uploaded files in assignments and discussions will be restored as well? Or, will I need to save and download their work before removing them? Is truly none of students' work lost when unenrolling them?

There is a situation where a student will be removed from a course, however, they may ultimately re-enroll and am wondering if simply removing the student and then re-enrolling will preserve any work they've submitted.

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  • Bonnie.R.836
    Bonnie.R.836 Posts: 13
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    Hi Michael,

    Yes, re-enrolling a student restores all of the work they have completed back to visible in the course.


  • Heather.K.449
    Heather.K.449 Posts: 43 🧭

    Hi Bonnie,

    Is there an article on this? We recently re-enrolled a learner back into a course and her completion was not saved/restored. I was wondering if there are steps documented so we can make sure we did it correctly. Thank you.