Pre/Post Group Self Assessment


I'm interested in using a survey to conduct a pre-and post-course evaluation. I goal is to use one survey with branching. The overall structure would be fairly simple: student identification at first and a question that says are you starting the course or have you completed the course. For people who have just started the course, there would be some questions about their expectations. For people who have completed the course, there would be opportunities for them to provide their evaluation of the course and feedback.

After students have completed both parts of the survey we would be able to produce a report that would compare pre-course expectations and the post-course evaluation.

I've read the documentation concerning surveys and I understand the questions appear one at a time. I want to know whether the kind of survey that I'm suggesting is possible and if so, what order I should put the questions in.

Student ID material would go; first, I would assume that the branching question comes next. But, in what order should the follow-up questions appear?

Any help, suggestions, or examples would be appreciated.


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    Hey @ridge.kennedy,

    You are correct, when branching is used, survey questions present one at a time, each on a separate page (in other words, page breaks are inserted between every question). Survey branching presents multiple questions, allowing the instructor to choose which question comes up next based on the user's response.

    1. On the navbar, click Surveys.
    2. On the Manage Surveys page, click on the survey you want to add branching to.
    3. In the Survey Questions area, click Branching Wizard. The wizard displays a list of the questions in your survey and their corresponding types. Answers are shown for Multiple Choice and True or False questions. You have the option to skip questions or terminate the survey based on the answer to a Multiple Choice or True or False question.
    4. Choose the answers that you want to create a branch from and fill in appropriate branching information.
    5. Click Save.

    My understanding would be that the first question following the demographic one could be:

    Q1. I have …

    a. Not started the course (Pre) (Arrange questions following this branch in order you would like them investigated)

    b. Completed the course (Post) (Arrange questions following this branch in order you would like them investigated)

    Ensure multiple attempts are enabled for the learner to take 2 attempts (one pre - one post)

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    Okay. Sounds logical.

    Now, what kind of question should I use to create the branching option? All the question types seem to require points, and I need to identify a correct answer. I'm experimenting with a multiple choice with only two answers along the lines of “just starting” and “completed” but is there a better choice for a survey?