Can unreleased content appear in "Content Completed" under Class Progress denominator?

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I have over 200 pages of content in one of my courses. I have release conditions set up so that each module (about 10 content pages) is only released depending on the learners' completion of the previous module. In Class Progress, the denominator only shows how many pages are currently available to the learner. So they may have visited 9/10 of the available content pages and it shows that they are 90% complete the content (when really they are only 90% done the available content to them, but overall they are actually 9/200). This has caused a lot of confusion for learners and instructors, even after thorough explanation. Is there any way to keep the release conditions that we have in place, but have the denominator in Class Progress show the total number of pages instead? Also, it would be most ideal if under content, learners could see the unreleased modules but they could be greyed out and unclickable. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!


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    Hey @Kelly.Perchard769,

    Thanks for reaching out to us here at the Brightspace Community.

    The class progress shows based on data that is currently available to the learner. Since the release conditions are preventing the topics from being available they won't show up in class progress.

    Currently there is no such feature available which would display content as locked dependent on release conditions enabling it for students.

    I kindly request you to submit a feature request in Product Ideas Exchange.