Grading groups of students



I have a course where there are inherently 4 groups of students, each group is coming from a different program, all taking the same course. Each group has an instructor who is monitoring their group of students and grading the assignments and discussions that their group of students submit. The assignments and discussions themselves are individual - each student does their own work, but is graded by their instructor.

Is there any way to set up the gradebook to identify a particular group of students easily without assigning group discussions or assignments?



  • Heather.W.350


    If you use either groups or sections in your course, then the Grades tool will allow you to filter the students that are listed by the groups or sections you have set up.

    I've taken a screenshot from within the Enter Grades tab: there's a View By dropdown which allows you specify that you'd like to view by user, groups, or sections, and then depending on your selection (in the case of the screenshot, groups), another dropdown where you can choose which group.

    Groups are normally available for Instructors to create - check out Course Admin to get started in Brightspace after checking out this article:

    Sections tend to be created by administrators.

    Does this sound like it'd work for you?