D2L - Grammarly (word addon) issue

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Good Morning Everyone,

I am having a weird interaction between D2L downloads and Grammarly (the microsoft word addon, not the floating version).

Whenever I download a Docx from D2L dropboxes the grammarly addon on the top right of my word program does not load in. This is before and after enabling edit to the document.

The grammarly tab doesn't even load in.

The only way I can get grammarly to load is to shut that word down and then reopen the file.

So it seems to be tied to the initial download from D2L, may not be directly a D2L issue but seems tied to this interaction.

version 6.8.263

Anyone experience this and/or know a fix?

The grammarly program that is more kind of free floating on the right side of word loads just fine; it is just the grammarly word addon that seems to not work with on this interaction.



  • Michael.E.421
    Michael.E.421 Posts: 6 🔍

    Problem resolved:

    Grammarly will not work well on any document that starts out in read only mode, protected view.

    Grammarly themselves recommend saving a file to a local drive and then opening it there to get around Microsoft's trust center options.

    I am aiming to have my peers go to File → settings → trust center → protected view. Then turning off those options so that all files open up in edit mode.


    Michael Ellerkamp