How can a Prof share a Glossary apart from Nav Bar?

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Our institution hasn't currently placed the Glossary on the course Navigation Bar (and hasn't enabled the ability for faculty to customize their Navigation Bars). However, faculty can still find the Glossary when they click on the Course Admin Tools, and create a Glossary from there. Is there any way for faculty to place their Glossary somewhere in the course (for example, on the content menu, or in a module), even if they don't have a Glossary right on the Navigation Bar? We're not able to find a way to do that. Many thanks.

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    Try the following:
    1. Create the glossary within the course as usual.
    2. From within the course offering where you are editing the glossary - look at the URL and you likley find a string similar to “https://{your_domain}/d2l/lms/glossary/glossary.d2l?ou=XXX” where XXX is the org unit id for that course offering. Make a copy of this URL string.
    3. From the course content, e.g., at the module page/html content, create a web link/insert quicklink (URL), and paste the string in step 2. Have the target open in New Window will likely give better outcome.
    Hope that will provide a way to link to glossary without having it appear in the navbar.