How can I add voiceover to a module?


I'm not sure if there is a way to add voiceover in a course. Would I create a PowerPoint slide and add it there?

And related, how do I embed a PowerPoint into a course without having to click a link to open the PowerPoint (ie the PP deck is already displayed ready to flip to each slide?)

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  • Sarah.W.171
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    Hi Elizabeth!

    Thanks for reaching out to the community. Use the drap and drop file file workflow to add the PowerPoint file to your course - either in it's current file format, or as a PDF. Brightspace transforms PowerPoints into PDFs so they can be viewed on the platform (rather than requiring you to open up PowerPoint).

    As for Voiceovers, you can create an Audio recording with the Video Note tool. Create a piece of content (Create > Create a File or Create New > HTML Document.) Go to Insert Stuff (icon highlighted in Screenshot below) > Add Video Note > and select ‘Audio only’ by the recording button. You can then add a PowerPoint into that document as well, though it will open in a separate tab.

    Within PowerPoint you can also add voice recordings to slides, though students will need to download it to hear. And finally, you can record yourself on a third party platform such as Zoom, Loom, Vidyard, or with Capture with Brightspace Creator+ presenting the PowerPoint, and then upload it as a recording using the Video Note tool. This is probably the most direct option that matches what you are picturing.

    Hopefully one of these options are helpful!


  • Elizabeth.G.804
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    Thank you for the quick response. Unfortunately drag and drop for both .ppt and .pdf results in “Dropped file type not supported”.

    The Video Note is very simple to use, however, it requires the learner to click a start button. That may not work for our current purposes.

    So if I read you correctly, the only way to get a voiceover to automatically begin as soon as a learner has opened a module is to embed in a PowerPoint which must be downloaded to hear, or to use a third party tool as you have suggested.

    Thanks again.

  • Sarah.W.171

    Hi Elizabeth - in order to avoid the ‘dropped file type not supported’ message not appear, you need to insert the document through the Insert Stuff workflow (if you are making content that way) or, you can just drag and drop it directly into your content area as you normally view it, just right into a Unit.

    There may be some functionality with an embedded Google Slide, but that is not something I am overly familiar with. So yes to your last paragraph, that is likely the best way.