Admins: Is there a course archiving standard that you follow that you are willing to share?

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We've been asked to see what other instutions are doing with regard to Brightspace course archiving. We are a higher ed institution with undergrad, grad, and doctoral programs.

Is there a standard you try to adhere to (number of years before archiving)? Is there a publicly available best practice that you follow? Any insight is appreciated!

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    Hi @cetltech

    At our institution, we do not have faculty seeing past/inactive courses. Each Spring/Summer I would go through and deactivate any course that is about 2+ years old. Those old courses sit in the recycle bin where I can bring them back (restore) if needed. I have had to do that for a few courses. Student accounts get to see their courses for about 30 days after the courses end date. We find that the 2 years has been working very well. This keeps the course list for the instructors not “too overwhelming” when viewing their list of courses.


  • Aasim.Y.704
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    Hey @cetltech,

    Thanks for connecting with us!

    Upon reviewing a few comments from past conversations in the Legacy Community around archiving courses, institutions implement a timeline of 2 weeks after last day of classes for when learners are not able to access courses, meanwhile, educators have access set up indefinitely. Often educators like access to their course data!

    Here is a common workflow we have seen regarding removing access for users/or any roles from Past courses. This can be done by using Roles>Settings.

    Unless user/role have permission to Access past courses or Access inactive courses, they will not see courses that have been closed(End-Date) or have been Inactive.

    If you go to admin tools>roles and permissions>Click on one role drop-down>Edit settings(not permissions), you will see three options under "Course Access Options"

    I hope this information helps your exploration.