How do i set the "default" submission view for ALL quizzes?

Trevor.J.691 Posts: 2 🌱

I would like to set my “quizzes” (quizzes and exams) so that students can see only the questions that they missed. I want them to see the responses, but not the correct response.

I know how to do this for an individual quiz. I want to set this for all quizzes at once. The “default” setting seems to only apply to one quiz at a time.

I have a lot of low-stakes quizzes throughout my courses. Setting each individually seems like a waste of time when there should be a true default setting. I'd rather spend my time creating content than doing repeated clicking of settings.


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  • Trevor.J.691
    Trevor.J.691 Posts: 2 🌱

    Thanks for the quick response.

    This is a feature that needs to be in place. It takes a lot of time to manually set these things, and it is easy to make mistakes with such a repetitive task. Not to mention the carpal tunnel aggravation.

    Why did they call it “Default”?