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I would like to allow a role to have access to mark a course as active or inactive. What is the setting in the permissions area?


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    Hi @Cindy.Homer5050,

    Thanks for reaching out to us here at the Brightspace Community.

    To control learner access to your course, you must have the necessary permissions from your admin. Contact your admin to confirm that you have the permissions. To grant you permissions, your admin must navigate to Roles/Permissions > Manage Courses > Change Status.

    Your Admin can also follow these steps in order to enable your permissions:

    To allow an instructor to make a course active or inactive:

    1. From the Admin Tools menu, click Roles and Permissions.
    2. Click the instructor role.
    3. Under Filter by Tool, select Manage Course.
    4. Check or uncheck the Change Status permission.
    5. Click Save.

    How to set a course Active/ Inactive

    After you have the permissions, you can choose to control learner access to your course. To make a course active or inactive:

    1. On your Brightspace homepage, click on the course settings button (ellipses icon) in My Courses.
    2. Click Course Offering Information.
    3. From the Course Offering Information page, scroll down to the Active heading.
    4. In the Course is active checkbox, select the box to make the course active or inactive as desired.
    5. Click Save.