weighted grade item not working as expected


We have a faculty member that set up a weighted gradebook. She has a category called assignments and it has a weight of 20% of the total grade. in this category she has an assignment that has 4 points and is weighted to be 2.339181287% of the assignment category. Everything appears to be correct from both the gradebook and the assignment ends. BUT in her live gradebook with student grades the assignment is graded and it shows that it is weighted 0% and upon checking by manually adding points 1, or 4 the students final calculated grade does not change —showing the assignment is indeed NOT weighted or contributing to the final grade despite that it has a weight of 2.339. Please see attached images for more information.

Any thoughts ? Thanks

Manage grades view - showing assignment has 4 points and weight of 2.339

view in gradebook showing 0 weight

Side question: anyone know of a way to convine college faculty that no grading system in the known universe is accurate and/or precise enough to warrant 9 decimal places ?

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  • Jennifer.W.973
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    @Ron.Good8792 This might be an issue with the display settings. If the number of decimal places to display is set to 0, then the weight will be rounded, and since the overall weight is actually 0.47 for this item (2.339181287 x 20), it will round down to 0 for the display.


  • Ron.Good8792
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    Thank you Jennifer, that does indeed seem to be the culprit. The odd thing is I can understand that setting controlling the display but it also seemed to be controlling the calculated avg. In other words, when the display was not correct the points were not changing the calculated avg. But once the display was changed the avg is changing slightly (as expected from 0.47%).