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  • We are very excited to announce highly desired improvements to Quiz timing that are coming soon to you! Check out the Quiz Timing product blog for more information and how you can become an early adopter!

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    We wanted to let you know about some changes to our content and discussion API scopes. Please see the ‘Upcoming changes to content and discussion API scopes’ blog post for more information.

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    @Stefanie Bal729 Can you all please post here when the Product & Services PDF is
    released each month? They aren't released on the same day as the Release
    Notes, so while bookmarking the Release Notes Discussion to get a
    notificaton when the Release Notes are available is great, it doesn't
    tell us when the new Product & Services is available. If you all
    don't create a Product & Services discussion so that we can bookmark
    it, can you all please consider posting an annoucement in this
    discussion so those who have bookmarked it when get a notification when
    the Product & Services are released? Thanks!

  • Stefanie.B.518
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    Hi @Autumn_Moore This is important feedback.
    I'm just conecting with our Knowledge and Product Teams to chat a little more.
    I'll post an update on this once we've finalized next steps- really appreciate your thoughts here!

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    HI @Autumn_Moore
    I wanted to follow up on this one- we're working toward a more interactive approach to communicating upcoming product changes. This doesn't mean an immediate change to the .pdfs (and I have relayed this request to our Knowledge Team) but it does mean a new opportunity to learn about upcoming product changes.

    Today we're releasing a new Category in the Community called our “Product Roadmap.
    You'll find links to it from the Navbar and in your Quicklinks Widget.

    There's one discussion associated with the Roadmap and we've shared your feedback with the Product Team requesting an update to that discussion when the Roadmap is updated.

    Bookmarking that discussion will allow you to recieve automated email updates when changes are made to this roadmap.

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    @Stefanie Bal729

    Thanks! The interactive product roadmap is neat and I like that you all link the blog articles to the topic (for more details). Really all we are needing here is just for someone to post in the already exisiting Release Notes discussions (that most have bookmarked anyway at this point), saying that the Product and Services file has been updated for the month. If not, we have to go out and check for it around that time of the month (which isn't a terrible task). You all could create a Product & Services Discussion to post in when those are updated, but I understand that having lots of different discussions might get cumbersome.

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    Hi friends, apologies - we spoke about this off thread and I neglected to added the contents of that conversation here.
    We've been spreading the word that the Product Services, the HICT and the RNs are on the same cadence now, and the announcement is part of the Release Notes (which it was last month). We have since gotten an ask for it to be separate, which it will be for this month (ie. March 16, for the preview release note milestone), and henceforth.

    I've added the Product and Services Preview updates post, and when the release notes are posted every month, I'll add a comment to that post. To receive alerts when a new Product and Services Preview document is published, bookmark the discussion.

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    @Mary Mac165 Perfect! Thank you so much!

  • Hello everyone - I would like to share some exciting news with you about the launch of our Course Specific Achievement Scales feature in the May (23.05) release.

    Check out this article for additional details - Chose the Right Scale for Your Course