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Linking several assignments to 1 item in the gradebook

Leikela2000 Posts: 1 🔍

Hey - what I am trying to do is a bit different. Each of the students are responding to their own goals, but I don't want in the gradebook a separate item for each student. For example I would like to have 3rd quarter goal response as the gradebook item, but then link, the assignments for Brown, Jones, and Smith in, even though they look like separate assignments. Is there anyway that I can link these separate assignments to 1 item in the gradebook? Thanks


  • Aasim.Y.704
    Aasim.Y.704 Posts: 128 ⏸️ Inactive

    Hey @Leikela2000,

    Thanks for your question!

     I often approach this by creating a grade item for each optional submission. Link each of the option to a seperate Grade Item in a category and then set it to “Drop Ungraded Items”. Learn more about this by reviewing the How grade exemptions affect calculations Community Article.

    The grade book is set up to "drop ungraded items" which would result in the system automatically defaulting to the grade item that has not received any feedback/ grade in that category as being dropped, as there are no grades entered due to no submission.

    Please let me know if you were looking for an alternate solution.