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D2L Product Roadmap

Stefanie.B.518 Posts: 468 admin
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Welcome, Community members!

The D2L Product Roadmap will be updated approximately every six months. The six-month view aims to assist your longer-range planning, and you can use it together with the 90-day product and service preview (with more detail on roles and settings) and each month’s current release notes (with the most detail of all). For more on our roadmap process and our themes for this year, see the Product Focus page on our main website D2L.com.



  • Stefanie.B.518
    Stefanie.B.518 Posts: 468 admin

    Hello Community Members
    Have you checked out the latest updates to the Product Roadmap?

    Note: Q1 starts in February 2024 and ends on April 30th 2024