Brightspace D2L Internal Messaging


Could you help me with a setting to highlight unread mail within the tool? To me, there is insufficient visual distinction between read and unread messages (either color or "boldness"), so I often inadvertently miss messages. Is there a way to make unread messages red or Bold or something that stands out more? I looked in the email settings but could not locate a setting on how unread messages are displayed or even a toggle/filter to show only unread messages. The filter on the inbox view only allows filtering by class sections. What might you suggest as some alternative practice?


  • David.M.27

    Hi Tim,

    There isn't an option to add formatting to unread emails, but your Brightspace administrator can turn on email notifications by changing the config variable for d2l.Preferences.Notifiers. Turning on notifications will give you an alert each time a new email lands in your inbox.

    I hope that this helps!