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We're working with the API calls to gather student submissions. The goal is to automate the collection of signature assignments for over 220 courses.

Using GET /d2l/api/le/(version)/(orgUnitId)/dropbox/folders/(folderId)/submissions/(userId)/download we noticed that the zip file doesn't follow the naming convention set in d2l.Tools.Dropbox.FilenameFormatUser or d2l.Tools.Dropbox.FilenameFormatSingle. Has anyone had any luck with organizing/renaming files in a bulk download process? We'd like to name the files with the OrgDefinedID or something similar to obscure the student name.


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    Although I am not addressing your specific question, I use another method to get submissions.

    This returns a file stream of a single assignment submission. Once you have the stream, you save it to any filename you like so you have total control of the naming convention.

    Note: Before saving check if the stream.Content is binary or string and save accordingly, i.e. write lines or write bytes.

    You will need to first get a list of all dropbox folders

    And then a list of submissions

    This method is perhaps a bit more work but is totally flexible.

    Hope this helps,