How can I remove the "back" and "next" navigation buttons during a quiz?


I would like to remove the "back" and "next" navigation buttons when learners are completing quizzes. I have attached an image with the buttons I am referring to circled. Any information would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


  • Julie.L.787
    Julie.L.787 Posts: 315 admin

    Hi @Kelly.Perchard769 ,

    Thanks for reaching out to the Brightspace Community.

    I am not aware of an option to limit the ability for a learner to move forward within a quiz when the quiz has multiple pages. Admittedly, I am not an expert here but have connected with our Quiz folks and will report back within this thread if I am mistaken.

    You can prevent a learner from moving backwards through a quiz. Within the Quiz set up there is an option called 'Prevent moving backwards through pages.'

  • Jason.H.500
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    Those arrows are unrelated to the quiz -- they are to go forward and back in Content.

    Interestingly, the quiz should be displaying in full screen, hiding the navigation buttons. How did you add the quiz to Content? Did you do Add Existing Activities?

    Another option would be to disable the navigation arrows by going to Content, clicking Settings in the top-right corner, then unchecking "Show navigation in the Content viewer".

  • Kelly.P.334
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    Thank you for both of your comments! Unfortunately the “prevent moving backwards through pages” did not work, and I cannot remove the option to “show navigation in the content viewer” because of the way our courses are set up (multiple content pages that learners click “next” to go through).

    Our quizzes are set up in a bit of a roundabout way; first we have an HTML page with some content on it, then a link on the bottom that says “Start the Quiz”. We insert a link to the quiz on those words ("Start the Quiz"). When learners click Start the Quiz, it takes them to the Quiz Instructions page, and then they start the quiz. When I preview the quiz it opens as a full page, but when I log in to a test learner's account it appears this way, within the content with those next and back buttons showing.

    This may require a support ticket to fully explore, but I thank you for your help!