Student Answers in Dropbox PDF Disappear?


I am working with a math instructor who uses use Assignment Dropbox to collect PDF scans of students’ homework assignments. In one instance, a student’s answers to problems seem to disappear from the PDF file when viewed in the Dropbox grading area.

When the instructor went to evaluate it in the Assignment Drop Box, the student's work was initially there. When he went back later, the student’s work on just the last page was missing (the assignment was still there, but the work he did on it was no longer there).

If you download the PDF and open it on a computer, the student's work re-appears. What could be going on?


  • Jason.H.500
    Jason.H.500 Posts: 37

    Because the Assignment Annotator in D2L treats comments on the PDF (i.e. the student's work) as an annotation. The first time the instructor opened the PDF, he must have accidentally deleted it.

    The odd behavior is that the student's work re-appears when downloaded. I would expect it to be removed completely.