Adding accommodations to classlist



I wanted to bulk add students with accommodations to Brightspace and allow faculty to see this student has an accommodation via an icon on class list. Is this possible?



  • Brielle.H.672

    Hi Kathleen,

    While I'm currently not aware of a way to bulk add accommodations for multiple students at one time, you can:

    a) Add accommodations to an individual Quiz via the Special Access option when creating/editing a quiz (either to Allow selected users special access to the quiz OR to Allow only users with special access to see the quiz)

    b) Add accommodations to an individual user via the Classlist tool by selecting the drop-down menu beside their name > Edit Accommodations. This allows you to add an overall accommodation for the user for all of their quizzes rather than on a quiz by quiz basis.

    Finally, when a user has an accommodation, you can easily identify them via the User has accommodations icon in the classlist.

    Hope this helps! Brielle