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Descriptive Summary on Unit Tile and Providing Image Sources

Chelsey.Y.865 Posts: 75 🌱
edited February 2023 in K-12

I would like to have a descriptive summary on a unit tile that does not show the image source information.

I've tried the Shift-Enter approach to see if that would help with spacing, but it seems like it's including X amount of characters in the summary regardless of the spacing.

The image source information is showing up on the unit tile description and with regular sized font. This is not as minimal as I would like the unit tile description to be. My preference is that the image source information shows up when the students click on the actual unit.

Is there a way to set a maximum amount of characters I want to show up on the unit tile description?

A related question...

When I add the link text for a picture isn't that acknowledging the source of the image? Can students view that link somehow within the course.

If not, what is the link text for?

Thank you in advance for any help :)


  • David.M.27

    Hi Yeslech,

    You'll need to delete the image source and link text from the HTML view of content. Just toggle to the code view by clicking on </>, then find the reference to Image Source: IMGURL and delete it.

    I hope that this helps!


  • Chelsey.Y.865
    Chelsey.Y.865 Posts: 75 🌱

    Here's what I get when I view the HTML content. I don't see IMGURL.