Where can I go to request functionalities for quiz questions?

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Specifically the "arithmetic" quiz question type just does not have enough of a robust feature set. There seem to be a great many features that were either left out intentionally or were not thought of. I'd like to know where I can go to both complain about the lack of features and also make requests for them to be added.



  • Sophie.McGown8150
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    Hi @Casey Bowman​ Sorry about that one - if you have ideas for improvements then you can log them in the Product Ideas Exchange (should be on the navbar at the top). It's where customers can suggest improvements to Brightspace and upvote others' ideas as well. Our Product team actively monitor and comment on it as well, so that's the best place.

  • Phil.V.356
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    Hi Casey,


    You can share product enhancement ideas within the Product Ideas Exchange. Our product development team loves to get client feedback so please post any feature requests within the PIE and upvote any other client suggestions that you like.