Is it possible to have a customizable pop up message at login


Recently I received a request to have a customizable pop-up message at login to help promote things like mental health resources or contacts at certain times of the semester.

This is the exact request: "in working with one of our Mental Health partners Togetherall that we are working to promote, they encouraged having a D2L pop up at login with their information noting this has been really successful with other institutions at key times of the year such at midterms and exams."

I'm not sure how to do this.

Thanks in advance!


  • Aasim.Y.704
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    Hey @Greg.Shortt2090,

    Thanks for reaching out to us here at the Brightspace Community.

    The Welcome Window widget is the perfect tool to welcome users, help orient them to the structure and navigation of the course, and set them up for success.

    Course creators and administrators can easily edit and update the content in the pop-up message, and you can include as many pages in the pop-up window as you need.

    This widget is a custom widget created by Learning Solutions. To make any of these widgets available on your homepage, browse the Homepage Widget Expansion Pack catalog options. Select the widget(s) that best meet your needs and contact your D2L representative to add a Homepage Widget Expansion Pack.

  • Greg.S.44
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    That sounds exactly what we are looking for. I will look into that.

    Thanks Aasim!