Can a select box grade item be included in a Calculated grade item? Will students see their average



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    Hi @Karl.Carrigan566 ,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Brightspace Community!

    We have a few resources about Grading Schemes and calculating grade items. One is how to assess assignments with grade schemes, and how to create a grading system. We also have a short article on how to transfer an overall score to a learner's grade.

    Are these helpful to you? If not, please feel welcome to clarify and reach out again!

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    Thank you for the information. I did a little testing and discovered that the problem was no the Select box, but that the items I wanted to include in the calculated item were not part of the overall calculated grade. They were in a category that was worth 0% of the overall grade. Thus, an average or sum of the grades for those items could not be computer in the Calculated grade item.

    Am I correct in this, or is there a work around?

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    Hi @Karl.Carrigan566 ,

    You are correct. A calculated item takes into consideration the weighting of each grade item that it combines. If you want to keep your grade weights the same, but also include a summary that considers different weights, a workaround is to use a formula item instead of a calculated item. Here's an example:

    Assignments (Category, 60% of final grade)

    A1 (Item, 50% of category)

    A2 (Item, 50% of category)

    Quizzes (Category, 40% of final grade)

    Q1 (Item, 50% of category)

    Q2 (Item, 50% of category)

    Funkiness (Category, 0% of final grade)

    Attitude (Item, 50% of category)

    Outfit (Item, 50% of category)

    Term 1 Evaluation (Formula Item, cannot contribute to final grade) = (A1.Percent * 0.5) + (Q1.Percent * 0.4) + (AVG{Attitude.Percent,Outfit.Percent} * 0.1)

    This formula combines A1 and Q1, reducing A1 by 10% to make room for the Funkiness items, and includes Attitude and Outfit at 10% (whereas they are normally at 0%). A1, A2, Q1, and Q2 can be either numeric or selectbox items.

    Let me know any questions.