[BUG] Quizzes not being published in "Quick Eval"


Through the "Quick Eval" page, categorized by activity, I shared the results of my quiz. There was a "Publish All" option in the quiz's rightmost panel. This, I reasoned, would make the quiz public. Even the Quizzes/Exams page marked the quizzes as published.

However, it didn't. The problem was fixed when I manually published each question on the Quizzes/Exams tab for this quiz, where it already showed each submission as published with a timestamp (not "Draft Saved").

In essence: The quizzes claimed to have been published following the "Publish All" operation, but they weren't actually published until I used the Quizzes / Exams page button to do so.


  • Andrea.B.236
    Andrea.B.236 Posts: 183 admin

    Hi @Jake.Giorlando791 ,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Brightspace Community!

    It seems that this is a bug, great catch! In this instance, we would ask that you submit a ticket. If possible, could you also include recording or screenshots of this error you are experiencing?

    Wondering how to submit a ticket with us? Please feel welcome to message me if you need further assistance with that!