Can the dimensions on a self-assessment feedback box be expanded/enlarged?


Self Discussions provide the option for instant feedback to students when answering a question. If the question has a lengthy feedback response D2L will elongate the response field. This occasionally results in text being cut off and forces the student to scroll up/down to read the full response (see image below). Is it possible to edit the dimensions for a feedback box so that it widens rather than lengthens? There is a lot of empty space that could be used instead.

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  • Andrea.B.236
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    Hi @John.Sfreddo8855 ,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Brightspace Community!

    There currently is not a way to adjust the dimensions on the feedback box seen above. However, never say never! We understand how important customization is for teachers and learners. In this case, we would recommend submitting a PIE item about this idea.

    How do you submit a PIE item? We have a guide on where to Find PIE!

  • John.S.971
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    Thank you for the information Andrea. While reviewing the PIE I found an existing request matching my question. Modify size feedback field for answer-specific feedback in self-assesment (and quizzes) (D6681). If anyone else would find this feature useful please upvote the PIE request.