Brightspace Pulse not recording student engagement in Content Progress?


I've been told that students who use the Brightspace Pulse app may not have their progress within the course recorded accurately. For example, when viewing a student's Content Progress, my view within the course space may indicate that they have never viewed resources, while the student asserts that they did.

Because this error in recording student engagement via the Pulse app was shared by administration who I trust to represent what is happening accurately, I would like to hear if anyone else has encountered this issue?



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    Hey there @Heather.Herbert824,

    Thanks for reaching out to us here at the Brightspace Community!

    A student can use Pulse to access Activity Feed and Course content - this activity will show up in the Progress Summary.

    When a student currently accesses Assignments, Quizzes & Discussions in Pulse, they’re doing so through a webview, which works just as if the user was logged in via the mobile web (so all the information will show up in Progress Summary).

    If you continue to experience a gap in reporting please reach out to your institutions IT Help desk to ensure progress tracking is turned on. Hope this information helps :)