What does "Customer Enablement" mean?



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    Hi @Mike.B.478 ,

    Thanks for reaching out to the Brightspace Community!

    Are you referring to our topic found within Resources within the main navbar? If so, we've created this area as a place to house resources to support customers in every stage of their implementation with Brightspace. Whether you are just onboarding and launching or whether you are looking to take your usage of Brightspace tools and products to the next level, this is a space where you can access information and helpful resources.

    If you have suggestions about the Community space, we would love to hear more from you! Connect with our Community Experience Survey to share your thoughts and recommendations.😀

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    Hi @Mike.B.559 ,

    I'm just connecting back with a huge thank you!🙏 Your feedback has helped us to create a change to the Customer Enablement category. Inspired by your question, we've gone deeper by inviting more members to share feedback about this topic in our in-person and virtual Fusion labs.

    What we learned is that the category 'Customer Enablement' was too broad, and we've since implemented a change to better organize content in this space. Learn more in our Community Categorization article.

    Very grateful to you for your ongoing feedback to inspire community improvements😀

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    I'm glad you found it useful. I took a look at the "Community Categorization" page and think this is segmentation of information is a step in the right direction:

    The labels are meaningful and I especially appreciate the use of images on pages that often times feel overwhelmingly filled with text.

    Having said that, two comments on the page:

    (1) I think I understand that the three URLs under the "We understood" heading are meant to point to posts that led you to question the functionality of the "Customer Enablement" category…but this isn't clear. The list just sort of appears there and I am unsure. Am I supposed to click them?

    (2) Speaking of the links, the third link takes me to this:

    Last, I just can't seem to shake my discomfort with the term "customer enablement". Re the "customer" part, I do not come to the community as a "customer," I am here as a "user" or a "community member" or an "educator". "Customer" enforces a relationship between those of "us" using the platform and those of "you" supporting it. And re the "enablement" part, I just don't love the term. It feels awkward. I understand the intention behind it, but it feels cumbersome. In a perfect world, I would step in with some useful suggestions…but I don't have anything ideal. Options like the following come to mind: skill building, grow your skills, member development, building blocks.