Grades displaying "days late" messages for items from Assignments

When we have an "open date" and a "due date" set in Assignments, Grades is displaying a "days late" message for learners who have not submitted the assignment. This appears to be new this semester.

When I contacted support I was told the only way to remove it was to turn off the due date, which we don't want to do.

Has anyone found a way around this? As I said, it is new this semester.


Beth Kiggins


  • Aasim.Y.704
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    Hey @Beth.Kiggins5828,

    Thanks for reaching out to us here at the Brightspace Community!

    An alternative workflow could be to use the "end date" instead of the "due date" as a hard deadline which could remove the "days late" message.

    Due dates don't stop people doing things, they just flag them up in red so you can apply any penalties to them if that's your policy, however they're there to have the due date in the calendar.

    End dates will stop anyone submitting beyond that date.

    I hope this helps!

  • Alan.P.39
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    Hmmmm using the end date instead of the due date tends to create more work for the instructor... re-opening for certain students or setting up special access, etc. I'm skeptical instructors here would see this as a viable solution. I have more questions though...

    • Was this in the release notes anywhere? Did I miss it?
    • What will happen if a new submission is received? Does the days late value calculate from the first submission or most recent submission?
    • Should there be a setting for instructors under Settings to disable days late flags? (probably a PIE item)
    • On a quiz, I notice that if I change the due date after receiving a late submission, the attempt information (on the quiz attempt) correctly displays the due date on the attempt at the time the attempt was made, but this new "Days Late" flag computes the number of days late from the new due date and not the original set when the attempt was made. The inconsistency is a bit confusing. Is that operating as designed?
  • Beth.K.680
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    Thanks, I don't know that the instructor wants a hard "end" date.

    Beth Kiggins

  • Our instructors don't always want hard end dates either and are annoyed by this change.

  • J.P.544
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    Is there a way to automatically apply a late penalty to quizzes submitted late? We use 5% per day in our department.

    Thanks for your help, Jeff

  • Adam.V.870
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    I was just looking for a way to automatically lower an assignment or quiz grade based on days late, but I don't see that option. I had this thought because students were telling me they couldn't see their quiz results, and that's because I was using the End Date to prevent late submissions. That is quite an inconvenient solution, since it is a hard stop on submissions. I was looking at some other course management systems and some do indeed offer automatic grade deductions based on how late the submission was.

    If you don't have a solution for this now, is there a work around, such as a custom formula that we can enter to accomplish the same thing?

  • Sue.H.848
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    I've also had requests for a similar solution. Related to this is the need to automate a zero grade for not submitting an attempt by the end date. This is especially useful for auto-graded quizzes in large enrollment courses.

    Sometimes instructors forget to add the zeroes in the gradebook manually causing incorrect final calculated grades. Often, they will use treat ungraded items as zero to mitigate the potential for error, but then all future grades are set to zero ahead of time. Students don't get a current grade displayed.