List for New Instructor Tutorials?

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We love the new Instructor Tutorials since September that have been appearing, but we can't find them quickly on the Youtube site. Is there a list of the Tutorials, so we can update the older ones in our training classes?

Never mind! I found it:

Thanks! Now looking for the updated text editor tutorial. . .


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    Hey @Richard.Powers503,

    We love that you are enjoying the Tutorials!

    You should be able to find the list of all Tutorial Videos currently available through our YouTube Brightspace Tutorials channel. Here you will find a list of videos curated for Learners, Teachers and Administrators. You can quickly access these videos through the Community NavBar under the Documentation tab:

    We have connected your feedback with our Knowledge experts! Stay tuned through the Tutorial channel to access all our videos! You will also find a lot of the videos incorporated inside our documentation in the Brightspace Community. For example: Navigate your organizational homepage