What's the ONE thing/tip I need to know to set up a course if I'm new to Brightspace?

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There's a lot of administration to do to set up a course...let alone facilitate it. Assume it's a faculty/instructor who needs to do this (there's no assistant), they're new to the LMS and they can't waste any time. How can we help them get their course set up with the essentials...



  • Michelle.M.352

    Organize ahead of time and think about content layout before putting things in the course.

  • Shane.S.150
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    We are currently reviewing D2L to possibly replace BB. Could you elaborate on "There's a lot of administration to do to set up a course"?

    Thanks in advance

  • Stefanie.B.518
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    Hi @profblair

    I know you asked for 1 thing, and I'm about to kind of cheat with 3 but I really like this article with 3 quick video tutorials a new Instructor could use to quickly add

    1) an Announcement: welcoming students to class and offering getting started instructions for the course

    2) Some Course Content: Whether its word documents, pdfs, PowerPoints videos etc. this quick video shows you how to add that content to your course fast!

    3) How to add additional instructions to areas like discussions. There's a tool called the Brightspace Editor (or in olden-times the HTML Editor). It appears in a bunch of spots in Brightspace, and this short tutorial is handy for formatting instructions in Discussions or Assignments

    Let me know what you think