Can I easily switch to a external webcam when I'm in a Virtual Classroom?

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I work with a Microsoft Surface Book in tablet mode when I'm in the Virt. Classr. That way I can easily write stuff on a shared whiteboard on my pc. But in that mode my camera is at the bottom; giving everyone a nice look up my nose. I managed to use my phone cam as a external webcam with DroidCam, shared through my Wifi network. In Skype and Zoom I can switch to that phone cam. But now I would like to switch to that phone cam when I'm in the Virt. Classr. Anyone tips or ideas or solutions?


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    Hi Jeroen,

    Try this:

    • Turn your camera and audio off from your Tablet


    • Login to your course from your phone and access the Virt. Classroom
    • Turn on your camera and audio.


    You can run your meeting from your Tablet, and your A/V will be captured by your phone.

    I tried it out and it worked for me, Let us know if this worked for you.



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    Hi Mark, WOW, that totally works for me. I just tried it out. I ended up using the camera of my phone and the mic of my laptop. I have to enter the meeting first on my laptop, then on my phone. That way I have the option on my laptop to share my screen (or did I just imagine that?). Anyway, this is exactly how I want it. Tomorrow afternoon going live with this. Thanks again!!