What does this do? - "Final Grade Calculation - Display how final grade was calculated to users"



Under Grades => Settings => Org Unit Display Options - OR - on Step 6 of the grades Setup Wizard, - There is an option to select: "Final Grade Calculation - Display how final grade was calculated to users" -

I'm hoping to learn more about what this does specifically, maybe with an example of what data would specifically show up or not if this option is selected. We have toggled this option on/off and are not seeing any difference from the student view on the grade data that is displayed, and hoping to answer faculty questions about what this option does exactly related to what is listed on the page "This setting determines whether users can see how their final grade was calculated in the student view of Grades."

Thank you!


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  • Aasim.Y.704
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    Hi @Michael.Thompson2584,

    Thanks for reaching out to the Brightspace Community.

    After a final grade is released, showing how the final grade is calculated is enabled in the Brightspace system by default. A calculator icon displays to the learner as part of the Final Grade display.

    When the “Display how final grade was calculated to users“ option is selected, after a final grade choice is released, when selecting the calculator icon, all grade items involved in the calculation of the grade are visible to the learner, even those “Hidden” in the grades area.

    Access the "Settings" area of course Grades and select/deselect the checkbox related to "Final Grade Calculation" to make the calculator icon visible or hidden from learners.

    Instructors can toggle the calculator icon on/off dependent on what is needed.

    **The calculator feature is not visible to learners until after a final grade type (Final Calculated Grade or Adjusted Final Grade - found under the Settings > Calculation Options tab) is released for learner view.

  • Dan.S.84
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    Hello @Michael.Thompson2584

    As @Aasim Yac947 responded those settings do need to be set. However, the little calculator icon that should appear for students (as you mention you're not seeing any difference when you select “Display how final grade was calculated to users“) won't appear unless you choose to display "points grade" or "weighted grade" in the Org Unit Display Options:

    When your students login in and check grades, they will see the "points achieved" or "weight amount" and a calculator icon and be able to click on it for more info:

    Hope this helps!


  • Michael.T.929
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    @Aasim Yac947 & Dan.Semi.(D2L)2633 - Your feedback is very helpful!! Makes complete sense now. - Thank you very much for your time.