Where will the link to PIEs be? I thought I might find it under Resources, but it's not there--yet?



  • Aasim.Y.704
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    Hey @Jane.Maurer7927,

    Thanks for connecting with us here at the Brightspace Community!

    Check out our Community FAQ page to learn more about access to PIE.

    Once we have verified your account (P.S. You are verified ✔️), you will have access to the Product Idea Exchange. From here: 

    1. Log-in to the Brightspace Community 
    2. Navigate to the Quick Links on the Homepage 
    3. Select Product Idea Exchange

    To understand the current workflow to accessing PIE check out our resource How can I Access the Product Idea Exchange (PIE)? 🥧

    We are continuing to build out this experience where PIE can be accessed through the new Community. Stay tuned for an update from us!

  • Jane.M.801
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    HI Aasim,

    Thanks for your quick response, however it does not answer my question.

    I am talking about the new Community site.

    PIE needs to be a link at the top of ths page, just as it is in the old Community.

    I have no Quick Links here at the top of the new site, so have no idea where you might be trying to direct me.



    Also, this new text box only does double-spacing and a shift enter (which is ingrained in our heads to get a single-spaced new line) does not work. Frustrating and a waste of space.

  • Sarah.W.171

    Hi Jane,

    I am here in the new Community and can see the links near the side on this page (see screenshot)

    Let me know if you see the same!

  • Stefanie.B.518
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    Hi @Jane.Maurer7927

    PIE won't immediately be connected to this new Community Experience.

    Until it's directly integrated we have a quicklink widget that appears on your homepage and discussion pages.

    It will direct you to login to the Legacy Community to connect with PIE

    I really appreciate your feedback though, that it may be handy to have the link appear in the navigation bar as well as in the quicklink.

    Inspired by your feedback, we've added that link under "Resources" in the "Extend" Column.

    Keep that feedback coming- it makes a difference!

  • Jane.M.801
    Jane.M.801 Posts: 31 🧭

    Thanks, all. Weird, but I am now seeing the link.

    New and better every day!