LTI1.3 Basic launch and Deeplink placement in add existing activities

The basic launch tool is displayed under add existing activities --> External learning tools and the deeplink quick links are just display under "add existing activities" which confuses the user to launch which one first. Is there any method we can show basic launch or deeplink outside add existing activities? Can we launch deeplink with same basic launch?



  • Aasim.Y.704
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    Hi @Jeewani.Lakshani1350,

    Thanks for connecting with us here inside the Brightspace Community!

    The different launch types serve different purposes. Basic launches are launching to a specific resource in the tool. Deep linking launches are meant to return content from the tool. The returned content is often a basic LTI link.

    This feedback has been connecting with out product experts. We appreciate your feedback - please stay tuned for an update from the team.