Is there a way to restrict user access by their IP address?

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The use case is for student worker helpdesk employees who we want to ensure are supervised at set workstations as they do their LMS support work. I am sure there are other strategies outside of brightspace, but is there any way to do this with Brightspace?



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    @Justin Hafford​ Hi Justin,


    Currently there exists no any feature available where we can restrict users access by their IP address.


    However you can monitor by accessing the User Tracking of the user from the Users tool and see if they have accessed from the Workstation IP.


    To view the user tracking of a particular user please follow the below steps,


    1.Click on Admin Tools(Gear logo next to your name )

    2.From the menu list click on Users

    3.Search for the user

    4.Click on the down arrow next to the name

    5.Click on View User Tracking


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    Thanks :)