How to move section(s) to a different course offering? Valence

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I have two course offerings with three sections in each and I want to move all sections under one course.

  • CourseA
    • Sec1, Sec2, Sec3
  • CourseB
    • Sec4, Sec5, Sec6


I tried removing the parent relationship with CourseB from Sec4,5,6 and adding CourseA as their parent.

DELETE /orgstructure/Sec4/parent/CourseB

POST /orgstructure/Sec4/parent/ {CourseA}


When I do this, then call GET /orgstructure/CourseA/children/ all 6 of the sections show up. GET /orgstructure/CourseB/children/ returns 0.

However, in the LMS the three sections still show under their original parent orgs.

What am I missing?



  • Paul.Janzen3087
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    Hi Mike. Have you tried creating 3 new sections and then enrolling users into those sections? Moving Sections from one org unit to another isn't a use case that we often see. This is because Sections typically are considered a way to collect enrollments of users within an Org Unit.

  • Renee.J.194
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    @Mike Long​ what @Paul Janzen​ recommends is what we are building. It feels wasteful at first blush, but it works.

  • Mike.L.701
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    @Paul Janzen​ / @Renee Judd​  Thank you, That is what I ended up doing.

    Delete the section from A, add a section to B then re-send all the enrollments to the new orgUnit.


    I am in the process of re-working our integration from XML/Holding Tank to REST/Valence and this (merging courses) was one of the last bits to figure out.



  • Renee.J.194
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    Our API-based crosslisting was the last step, and it is working! We are live on Prod, BIC and CLIMI have been stranded, the Banner data is flowing through API calls, and my skepticism and superstition have been banished!