Using Replacement Strings in rubrics

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Has anybody had success using Replacement Strings in rubrics?


I want to address the student in the feedback section for the criterion, however, the {FirstName} string defaults to my name.


For example, Abbie Student should see: "Hi, Abbie. Good job."


Instead, Abbie Student sees: "Hi, Adam. Good job."


Any ideas?




  • Adam.W.838
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    Nevermind, I "solved" this.


    When you enter the Replacement String in the Levels and Criteria of the Rubric and save it, you lose the Replacement String if you edit the Levels and Criteria again.


    If you do need to make edits to the Levels or Criteria, you have to re-enter the Replacement Strings as well.

  • Josh.Dean4527
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    If you mention their name in the feedback then you might consider only mentioning their name in the first criterion. Add their name as feedback for each level in the first criterion so that regardless of the choice their name is added above the feedback that follows through the rest of the rubric.