The new visual style of D2L are very difficult to use. Can settings change them?

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We’ve apparently updated D2L at the UA over the summer and I have a few questions/concerns about the new visuals.


1) Is there a way to have better color contrast and visual separation on the pages? The Apple Store-esque white is cute, but it makes parsing information visually MUCH harder than in the past. This is especially an issue for students with disabilities. Similarly, the icons for PDFs/readings vs those for discussions, etc, are so similar that it is much more difficult to quickly see what kind of link I have posted for the students in their week to week assignments.


2) Is there a way to reduce the amount of empty space in the interface? The new, airy style is pretty to look at, but it means having to scroll and scroll in order to see a full item of the schedule, often making it non displayable in one screen.


3) The grade book suffers the hardest under this new airy design. I have a 13” MacBook. When I open my grade book I cannot easily see a large number of students at once. Instead, I get giant fat lines with lots of wasted space, and have to scroll and scroll and scroll. It makes things VERY difficult to use. It is ridiculous to only be able to see ten students and a handful of grade items at once. The spreadsheet view is actually even WORSE.


How can we get some global changes or user-customizable settings to address these visual issues? D2L has taken a large step backwards in utility.






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    Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 3.32.00 PM

    for example! This is a horrible waste of space -- it seems every cell is triple spaced, so you can't see more than ten students at a time.

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    Wayfinding is very difficult for our students and instructors. THey find it difficult to understand what part of Brightspace they are in. The only indication is the breadcrumb trail, and that's not always accurate. We've had many complaints about endless scrolling as well.