Is there any user analytics tool that can be installed on brightspace?

Christina.T.727 Posts: 20 🌱

We are looking to see if there is some form of user analytics tool; so that we can see where people are clicking (rage clicks, drop off clicks), heat map on our pages etc.

To understand how Brightspace is being used by end users, where they are clicking, where they are spending the most time etc.

Does anyone know if there are any tools that can be integrated to Brightspace?


  • Jenn.H.328
    Jenn.H.328 Posts: 9

    Hi there!

    Brightspace offers Learner Engagement Dashboards in the Insights Dashboard ( ). The Engagement Dashboard can provide some really great insights into your learner engagement within a course ( ). Outside of those tools, there are also third-party tools that can be connected via LTI to provide similar information. 🤓

  • Christina.T.727
    Christina.T.727 Posts: 20 🌱

    HI @Jenn.H.328 - yep we have the demo of Performance plus next week; so this may help to cover some of the insights we are hoping to gain.

    I don't think performance plus would cover user user behaviour ie:

    Do users scroll excessively? 

    • What buttons do they give the most attention to? 

    Which page elements are blocking conversions?

    Heat maps showing where users are spending time
    Ability to collect user feedback

    And the functionality to compare this data to some of our other websites data to see if similar trends are happening.

    So was wondering if there are any other third party tools that do have an LTI connection, couldn't see anything on Clarity or Hotjars sites that said they could integrate with Brightspace. We want to gain an understanding of how we can improve user experience I think performance plus largely covers the learner engagement and progress side of things, so is more specific and individualized