NEW Brightspace Toolkit for Accessibility in UDL Course!

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The Brightspace Learning Center is proud to announce a new offering we've added to our list of amazing resources on Accessibility!

About the course

This course is for people who want to be mindful of accessibility practices when they adopt Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in their learning context. It will help you apply the principles and guidelines of UDL in ways that are accessible to learners with disabilities. You'll also learn about the tools in Brightspace that will help you make learning accessible.

Who is the course for?

Whether you are an educator, developer, instructional designer, administrator, or learning and development professional, this course is for you! It has been designed to aid with:

  • Understanding the importance of accessibility in the practice of Universal Design for Learning
  • Learning to identify features in Brightspace that supports accessibility and Universal Design for Learning principles
  • Incorporating UDL in a course by being mindful of the needs of learners with disabilities

Learn More and Access the Course:

Brightspace Toolkit for Accessibility in UDL 🧰

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