How to create an acknowledgement on an assignment


An instructor has policy documents for students and wants an acknowledgement component. How can one be added to the assignment?



  • Chris.S.534
    Chris.S.534 Posts: 254

    Hi Judith,

     A couple of ideas for you to consider:

    • Acknowledgement of policy could be written into the assignment instructions - implied acceptance via the learner submission and link to the policy documentation.
    • Separate signed acknowledgement document/form provided as an assignment attachment. Assignment
      instruction relay relevant instructions/expectations for submission.
    • An assignment cover sheet could be included as a preface to the online submission document template, reflecting acknowledgement of the policy.
    •  Use a quiz to capture the explicit acknowledgement and acceptance of the assessment policy
      as part of the assessment process.
    • Incorporate the assignment policy into the Terms and Conditions tool

     Hope this helps!