Resetting SCORM progress

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I'm curious if anyone has found a solution to maintain SCORM progress. Currently, when a learner completes a SCORM package and sees 100% progress on their dashboard, if they later revisit the topic, the system resets their progress to 0%. This situation is incredibly frustrating and confusing for learners, as they believe they need to redo the entire module. Is there a resume functionality that I might be overlooking? I've experimented with SCORM 1.2 / 2004 and xAPI, as well as tracking course completion and using quiz results. It's worth noting that user progress in these SCORM packages functions perfectly in Moodle.


  • Chris.S.534
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    Hi Sara,

    When importing the SCORM package into the Content tool you are presented with the option to enable/disable the review/retake functionality if built into your SCORM package when authored or no.


    With the option to review/retake enabled the user will see the following message in the UI when accessing the SCORM after having already accessed and completed the SCORM.

    If the linked resource does not help you to resolve the behaviour please reach out to the D2L Support team for additional assistance with the issue being experienced.

    Hope that helps!

  • Sara.C.2774
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    Thank you, Chris.

    I've enabled the review/retake functionality, but unfortunately, the Review/Retake message doesn't appear when attempting to access the SCORM. Is there a configuration on the admin side that might need adjustment for it to function correctly? I only have Designer/Developer access.