NEW Intro to Cybersecurity for K-12 School System Leaders Course

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We have added a brand new resource into the D2L Brightspace Learning Center! 🎉

What is the course about?

As technology has become pervasive across K-12 schools, so too has the cybersecurity threat from bad actors to penetrate school systems, hack sensitive data, and hold schools ransom.   

This course was developed by D2L and Sinclair College in response to this significant cybersecurity threat, and the need for system leaders to acquire the general knowledge and approaches necessary to protect your community and the continuity of learning.

Learn More

If you'd like to learn more about D2L's partnership with Sinclair Community College and how this course came to be, you can read the story here: D2L and Sinclair Community College Launch Free K-12 Cybersecurity Course

This resource was created to help our customers implement strong privacy and security controls as part of D2L's ongoing commitment to cybersecurity.

Who is this course for?

This course was designed for K12 Administrators and school system leaders specifically. This course is intended to equip and empower those responsible for safeguarding their organizations and community against cybersecurity attacks.

Accessing the course

For more information and to access the course, visit the full Brightspace Community K-12 Cybersecurity course article.

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