PDF only shows page 1 on iphone


I’m hoping that someone can help. I am unable to fully view any pdfs in all modules. I can see the first page, but since it is usually a title page, it is not very useful.

I’ve tried on chrome, Firefox, safari and our app. I’ve tried it incognito mode. I’ve deleted all cache and cookies and data. Deleted the apps and reinstalled them. Nothing helps.

Oddly, I can easily open all pdfs on my desktop. The problem here is that I do 99% of my work on a mobile device and do not own a laptop.

Any help would be appreciated!


  • Julie.L.787
    Julie.L.787 Posts: 333 admin

    Hi @Jen.B.453 ,

    Thanks for connecting with the Brightspace Community. I appreciate you providing all of the troubleshooting steps you have taken to try to resolve this issue you are seeing. At this point, I'm recommending that you create a support case so that our IT folks can have a closer look at what may be the cause.