SCORM completion tracking not working

Hi there,

I would like to add some SCORMs created using Articulate Rise onto a course offering. They aren't graded, there's no test at the end, we just want people to move through and look at all the content.

I have successfully uploaded them and they are linking and launching correctly within the course. I have them set to 'Ungraded' and to open in a new window. I can move through the course successfully in the pop up, and I can see that I get to 100% in the navigation window on the left. It will then say 'This activity is complete', so I close the tab. However, once I'm back on my main course tab it says that my activity is at 0% completion. The SCORM reporting in the 'Reports' section is showing no data.

How can I get Brightspace to register the fact that the course has been completed?

(FYI I have tried a few different publish settings in Articulate - xAPI, Scorm 2004, 4th edition with Passed/Incomplete and with Complete/Incomplete and Scorm 1.2 with Complete/Incomplete)

Thank you!

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  • Naomi.R.11
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    Hi Emma, Without specific details it can be hard to say what is happening here, however it’s more likely to do with the package configuration. SCORM 2004 4th edition is a great one to use,  and make sure to set the completion threshold in the SCORM package. An exit button at the end is also helpful.
    You may also want to reach out to your SCORM provider for further assistance with package settings.