Hotspot not displaying correctly



I have set up a series of nested click-to-reveal buttons. Clicking the first button is supposed to display a hotspot element and a button the reveal the subsequent section. I've attached a document with a series of screen images and descriptions of the clicks that initiated what is on the screen (I also included the page code).

The first button described above displays the button for the subsequent section as expected, but the hotspot element is not displaying correctly:

I have to click the only hotspot visible in the element, which shows the content popup for hotspot. I am not able to scroll when the popup is dispayed, so I am unable to see all the text it contains as well.

Closing that content popup finally displays the entire element as expected.

BUT, the other way I can get the hotspot element to appear is by resizing the window.

Is there some way to resolve this bug?





  • Julie.L.787
    Julie.L.787 Posts: 313 admin

    Hi @Courtney.M.362 ,

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with hotspots! It does sound like something wonky and unexpected may be happening. Can I please ask you to create a support case so that our experts here can take a closer look at what may be causing you to have this experience within your Brightspace instance.